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I specialize in front-end web development and Word Press customization. I write clean, cross-browser compatible, search engine friendly and compliant XHTML and CSS. My Blog somadityasharma. My work is always delivered on-time or ahead of schedule. I follow this up with outstanding customer service and commitment to building lasting relationships.

As part of my design process, I like to create thumbnail sketches of my ideas on paper to get my mind spinning and the creative juices flowing. I find sketching useful for developing ideas and to explore layout options and is a more natural and inspirational way of doing it than going straight to the computer. The computer inhibits initial experimentation and you can easily waste more time getting caught up in things like changing the fonts or aligning every element perfectly, etc. Sketching allows me to rule out many design ideas quickly and definitely saves me time in the long run.

My Code is standard compliant, always validated in XHTML Strict 1.0 and supported in IE7-8, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Both my CSS and XHTML are Clean and minimized, using the least amount of code possible, making for smaller file sizes, easier updates and quicker downloads. The use of alt tags, title tags and proper meta ensures accessibility standards, proper SEO and keyword rankings.

And a Group Project Done for My Traditional Animation named Hairy Tale.

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Dancing makes me feel better and here is one of my Performance at Acendas Competition, I Enjoy Sketching & Traveling extensively, interacting with people.